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Attract more people and have more time by doing less recruitment!

Volunteer Managers


  • LOW ATTRACTION AND RETENTION: Volunteers are not reliably showing up or returning for more shifts or events. You struggle to attract enough volunteers
  • VOLUNTEER TASKS: You experience that volunteers are not doing their tasks properly, no matter how easy you make the task
  • NOT ENOUGH TIME: You constantly struggle to have enough time to recruit and also prepare for the event. You find yourself reacting to situations rather than proactively planning.

If you find yourself nodding at any of these – you’re not alone, these are very common issues that can make your work more stressful, impact you personally and also impact your organisation achieving its outcomes.

How to overcome these challenges?

Volunteer management is a complex job and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Having managed hundreds of volunteer programs for large-scale events for many years, we fully understand the challenges volunteer managers face, and we have the solutions.

By working with us you will:

  • Do less recruitment while attracting more quality volunteers
  • Achieve higher attendance and retention rates
  • Have more time to focus on planning, rather than just reacting
  • Effectively communicate the value of volunteers within your organisation and achieve better outcomes for your organisation

Our IMPACTS Methodology draws on 7 years of experience in managing volunteer programs for public events, community festivals, conferences, charities, sporting events, councils and not for profit organisations


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Stressed about finding enough volunteers?

The focus on numbers takes your focus from the ultimate goal of creating outstanding event experiences.

This changes your message to the market and the perception of your event brand.

This means your volunteer workforce can be your biggest risk when sacrificing the customer experience.

Instead of only planning for no shows, let’s PLAN for show ups and retention!

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Take the test

How effective is your volunteer program?

This test measures your effectiveness across the key areas of volunteer management.

Get your Volunteer Impact Score and discover what components you already excel at and how you can use those to develop other components so that you have a well rounded volunteer program plan that positively impacts your you, your volunteers and your organisation/ event.

This test identifies opportunities to leverage your volunteer program to attract more of the right people with ease and have more time for planning and engagement.

See how you score and receive tips on how to improve within each of the areas.

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Coaching Session

90 minutes One-on-One Volunteer Management Coaching Session

Are you struggling to attract and retain volunteers
Are you constantly rushed and want to create more time?
Do you want to have a bigger voice in your organisation?

This One-on-One coaching session is for volunteer leaders who want to be more efficient and effective.

It’s the right fit for you if you are ready to do what it takes to address this in a different way.

What you get

⩥ 90 Minute One-on-One Coaching session
⩥ Receive a personalised Blueprint: Identify the current non-supportive volunteer program or management strategies impacting your outcomes
⩥ Discuss & gain insight into your challenges and how to resolve them
⩥ Figure out your next (best) steps to be more effective in your role

AUD$ 150.00
Book an Audit

Audit your volunteer program

We can audit any part of your volunteer program and help you gain insights into what’s not working why and what adjustments you need to make to overcome the current challenges you may be experiencing.

Each audit assesses the current systems, processes and procedures and makes recommendations on how to overcome current challenges, specific to your volunteer program.

Audit Options

Volunteer Strategy Audit

Recruitment Audit

Engagement Audit

Training Audit

Support Systems Audit

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Volunteer Leaders with Impact

Volunteer Leaders Training Course

This is a 10 week training program for Volunteer Managers to improve effectiveness in all 5 areas of volunteer management to achieve better planning, easier recruitment, higher engagement, more effective training and empowering supervision.

You will achieve measurable results

  • More time
  • Attract more of the right people
  • Better client feedback
  • Useful reports for management
  • Advocacy within organisation
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*To view our Volunteer Managers In-house training options CLICK HERE
“The Volunteer Management Strategies training workshop was such a valuable 1 day course. It was a great opportunity to learn from the experience of an industry expert, as well as share ways of working, challenges, and triumphs with other volunteers’ coordinators. With a small group in the workshop, the day was tailored to the group’s needs and there was plenty of opportunity for discussion, ideas sharing, and brainstorming solutions to specific challenges we faced. There were so many takeaways – particularly new perspectives on common challenges, new or different ways of working, and fresh ideas. All content was relevant, relatable, and directly applicable to my work. I would definitely recommend taking this workshop as you’ll come away with a clear head and an energy to make positive change in your volunteers’ experience within your organisation.” Chloe Oastler, Events Volunteering Officer – Oxfam Trailwalker

“Thank you for your coaching session the other week – it was very useful and inspiring – a great way to connect without others in a different way.” Kate ValenteVolunteer Coordinator Officer Willoughby City Council

“Many thanks for conducting the coaching session. I personally gained a lot from it and I am sure others did too.” Mal Brown – Kaddy Disability Transport

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