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Hey, my name is Jana Wunderlich. I created Eventeamwork back in 2011, together with my then business partner Flavia Fontes.

A lot has changed since those early days, but every step was such an important part of the journey, a journey in which creating amazing outcomes for our clients was always our driving force.

To get a real understanding of who we are and why we do what we do, I will tell you a bit more of that journey…

When Flavia and I started Eventeamwork, we came from working as event managers, and our main focus was on supporting events with their volunteer programs. We saw that there was a real need for expertise in this specific area for medium to large scale events. We were able to offer a solution, whereby the management of volunteers was outsourced to us, but volunteers were still engaged by the organisation/ event.

We had the pleasure to work on hundreds of volunteer programs over the last decade, coordinate thousands of volunteers, work on incredible events and be part of creating amazing experiences for people – volunteers and customers alike. During the first 5 years we worked on over 20 events a year, there weren’t many days that weren’t event days. We had the most wonderful team of staff to implement programs for our clients Australia wide.

Over time, a few things happened:

  • I noticed, while our solution offered great strategies and processes for event organisations and created amazing outcomes for many organisations, there were still some organisations who simply couldn’t achieve those same outcomes. That just didn’t sit right with me and I was determined to figure out why.
  • I implemented a year long training and coaching program for volunteer managers in Nonprofits and saw first hand the challenges they faced, and how few solutions there are available to them
  • I did some consulting work and understood the major challenges nonprofit leaders are facing
  • After Flavia moved on from Eventeamwork, I consistently overworked, because I thought that was required to keep things going. Eventually, I burned out and I struggled with my own purpose and value, and I slowly rebuild myself and Eventeamwork

As a result of all of this, over the past few years, my focus and vision for Eventeamwork has shifted. While re-defining myself, Covid happened and pulled the last bit of the rug (of event work) from underneath me, and also provided the space to re-birth Eventeamwork.

Our VALUES have not changed at all, but the services we are providing have changed. From day 1 of Eventeamwork, our strongest value was around people and building community. This value still stands strong and we are applying it to leaders now as well.

We developed some amazing strategies over the years that create efficiencies and effectiveness in workforce and volunteer management. We streamlined processes and we know workforce engagement and its impacts inside out.

But… when I saw some clients not achieving the same outcomes as others, I was really baffled as to how that is possible. I could no longer confidently sell a solution that only helped 80% of my clients.  So, following a lot of research, many conversations, and working through some pretty big personal development myself, I understood that the key to success is of course the human, the leader. And only an aligned leader can truly implement human centred management.

I am really proud that we stayed true to our values throughout this journey, and that we can now offer an array of consulting and coaching services that I am 100% confident create real outcomes for leaders and organisations, supported by our IMPACTS methodology.

Our Solutions

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We are honoured to have worked with so many organisations creating positive change across various industries – such as promoting health, the arts, engage people in sports, public and community engagement, raising funds and getting more support to impact more people