We help Nonprofit Leaders transform their level of attracting funding & team,
and ultimately create a bigger impact, helping thousands more people,
without the need to constantly stretch limited  resources.

Are you a Non-Profit Leader passionate about serving more people and changing more lives but struggling to attract the right funding, the right people, and the right support to really grow your impact?

Do you constantly feel like you just don’t have enough money, time and people; and there is no way to stretch your resources any further?

It’s a common symptom in the Nonprofit world, and it means we are not serving our communities to the level we want.  

The first problem is that so many of you have just accepted that Nonprofit life = Struggle.

The other problem is that most of you focus on working harder and stretching organisational capacity. This is just wasted time and effort if you are not achieving the results you want.

Yes, it’s true you can find ways to be more efficient and create a little bit more capacity to help more people… But how much tighter can your operations really get?

For the past 10 years we worked with Nonprofits across various industries – health, education, research, sport events, the arts, public and community events, helping them achieve a bigger impact.

Starting out from managing volunteer programs across hundreds of events, it became clear that what impacts an organisation attracting and keeping the right volunteers impacts the organisation on every level – their fundraising and sponsorship, their workforce retention, their client satisfaction – literally affecting the impact they can make.

However, we also realised that the best workforce strategies cannot succeed if the leadership is not congruent, and most leadership programs don’t address this either, leaving organisations vulnerable and struggling with trying to implement strategy after strategy and completing training courses, without seeing massive changes to their impact.

We don’t just focus on strategies, we focus on YOU first, because we know that will make all the difference to you achieving a bigger impact for you, for your organisation and for your clients.

As a result, our clients meet and exceed their KPIs, attract more, and de-risk their operations without burning out from always doing more, even if they’ve tried numerous other strategies before.

Our Solutions

Elevating Impact Academy

Nonprofit Consulting

The Supported Volunteer Program

The Managed Volunteer Program

Training Workshops

We are honoured to have worked with so many organisations creating positive change across various industries – such as promoting health, the arts, engage people in sports, public and community engagement, raising funds and getting more support to impact more people