You can’t do it all alone, but managing people can be complex, we get it.

Event Volunteer Management
Event Volunteer Management
Event Volunteer Management
Event Volunteer Management

Do you feel…

… like you never attract the right stakeholders including the right team?
… you are not creating as big an impact as you want to?
… you keep spending on workforce and engagement but you just don’t seem to get the results?

We know it can be frustrating. It doesn’t have to be!

From working with hundreds of events over the past 7+ years, we identified the sweet spots that make workforce management work for you and produce the outcomes you want.

We are passionate about event leaders creating greater impacts in the world and we see effective workforce management as the key to get you there.

By working with us you can:

  • Attract more of the right stakeholders and team
  • Create a bigger impact
  • Your teams are productive and empowered, hitting all goals
With so many working parts involved in the Jeans for Genes campaign, Eventeamwork provided me invaluable peace of mind that our locations and volunteer program were in the safest of hands. If the team can handle the myriad of challenges we threw at them and still over-deliver, they can deal with any event be it big or small. 

Barry Kenyon – Jeans for Genes Day

We save time and resources recruiting and supervising a volunteer coordinator each year and we know our volunteers are looked after well and provide excellent customer service and represent our festival as required.

Eventeamwork’s expertise and project management ensure a smooth running of our volunteer program with minimal supervision.

Christopher Tooher – Executive Director, Sydney Festival

Our IMPACTS Methodology draws on 7 years of experience in managing volunteer programs for hundreds of events, including public events, community festivals, conferences, fundraising events and sporting events.

How to get started…

Download FREE Stakeholder Engagement Checklist

Stakeholder engagement when running large scale events

Bringing a large-scale event to life that truly reflects your vision will almost always require buy-in from the various stakeholders involved.

Unfortunately, the interests of some stakeholders are not always in alignment with your plans and the plans of other players, from government representative to key staff.

Up-level your stakeholder engagement, download our free checklist “How to manage competing stakeholder interests when running large scale events” and create greater engagement with your stakeholders.

Download Free Volunteer Management Checklist

Stressed about finding enough volunteers?

The focus on numbers takes your focus from the ultimate goal of creating outstanding event experiences.

This changes your message to the market and the perception of your event brand.

This means your volunteer workforce can be your biggest risk when sacrificing the customer experience.

Instead of only planning for no shows, let’s PLAN for show ups and retention!

Download our free 6-Step checklist to show you how to run more effective volunteer programs.

Schedule Private Diagnostic

Join Jana Wunderlich, Founder of Eventeamwork, for a Free Private Diagnostic to talk through “The Top Seven Workforce Problems faced by Event Leaders” … and how to avoid them.

During this FREE private call, you will learn:
  • How to identify and avoid the seven most common workforce pitfalls, problems, and event-breaking issues that even seasoned event leaders fall into, especially when running large-scale events.
  • How to create a robust workforce plan to ensure that your event is not only a success, but one that sees longevity in your community or industry.



Your Workforce can be your biggest asset but it can also be your biggest risk


We will create a workforce plan for you that achieves clear outcomes for your organisation.

We will change the focus from merely measuring the number of people recruited and trained, to help you measure success differently – by the experience created for your customers/ clients and the impact you are making on your community.

You will receive a full strategy and plan outlining measurable outcomes that your team can take and implement in a step-by-step process.

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In addition to the workforce plan, we coach your Workforce or Volunteer Coordinator(s) to assist your team implement the strategies successfully.

In weekly coaching sessions, we address specific challenges and assist streamlining the implementation process, without your senior managers having to step in.

Coaching will ensure teams are collaborative, empowered and productive and work on the right actions to achieve outcomes for your event or organisation.

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In addition to the planning, we place a workforce or volunteer coordinator within your organisation to implement your workforce/ volunteer strategy.

Our coordinator is supervised by us but works closely with your Operations Team to ensure we maximise the outcomes for your organisation.

We implement your workforce or volunteer program in liaison with your event and marketing teams and provide a post event report to discuss the outcomes with you including suggestions for improvements for future events.

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Bicycle NSW runs major mass participation cycling events and depending on the event we require up to 300 volunteers on event day.  ETK have been able to fulfill our volunteering needs and have managed the large group exceptionally well from registration all the way to event day. Their on the day support and management is excellent, providing 4 senior staff to manage the volunteers on the day.  Their reporting, communication and general enthusiasm for the job is first class and i would be very happy to recommend them to any event provider looking to outsource their volunteering needs.

Tony Henderson,  Portfolio Director – Events, Bicycle NSW

Eventeamwork bring expertise in volunteer management and coupled with their experience in events, they provide a great solution that ensures we comply with all requirements and follow best practice to look after our volunteers, suppliers and patrons.

With Eventeamwork’s service we ensure we deliver a great experience for our participants and patrons.

Fred Taylor, Senior Project Manager, Sydney International Rowing Regatta

If you have a project coming up and would like to discuss how you can leverage your volunteer program to make it a momentous event, please call 02 8188 1946 or send your enquiry below.

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