Volunteer Managers

Having worked in volunteer management for large-scale events for the past 8 years, we understand the challenges volunteer managers face.

The key challenges we see are:

  • Communication & engagement to ensure volunteers turn up
  • Overcome complexity and manage the workload
  • Increase retention

Volunteer management is a complex job and sometimes it can feel like there are so many variables and hard to know where to start.  Often there is just enough time to react to the situations at hand, when it would be more beneficial to take a step back and analyse what can be done to not only make our job easier but also give volunteers a better experience and ultimately run better events.

Through our experience we have developed systems, processes and procedures that assist volunteer managers to

  • Run effective volunteer engagement strategies
  • Be more efficient by using systems and automation
  • Achieve better outcomes of the volunteer program
    *measured by achieving event or organisational objectives rather than outputs such as hours worked


Do you need specific help and prefer to talk directly to us now?

Volunteer Management Coaching & Community

It can be hard to tackle a problem on your own. Dealing with many different options and not quite knowing which way to turn, can be very overwhelming, especially when we don’t have much time at our hands to make decisions or make changes.

Often we know that we need to make changes but we just keep running out of time and it often is easier to keep going with the well-known even if it’s not the most effective or efficient.

Sounds familiar? Then coaching may be for you. We can discuss your current challenges and devise an action plan together to move past those obstacles and create more space in your job so you can be more pro-active than re-active.

Join our coaching program and get access to our community of Volunteer Managers, where we regularly share tips and tricks, offers to join networking events and give you discounted access to workshops.

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Would you like to polish up your skills in a specific area?

Join one of our Transformation Workshops

We run half day workshops on the following topics or full day workshops that include all of the below topics.

  • Volunteer Program Planning
  • Attract & Motivate volunteers
  • Volunteer Training
  • Recognition & Retention

Workshops suit groups of 6-15 people and will be tailored to the group.

If you would like us to run a workshop for your organisation or for members of your association, please CONTACT US

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