Frequently Asked Questions

We will have a planning meeting with you and identify your organisational goals and anticipated event outcomes. With this information and as part of the volunteer program strategy & planning we will determine the volunteer roles to support your organisation and achieve these objectives. The volunteer roles and your general target market will determine where we will focus the volunteer recruitment, which interest groups will be relevant and how we can work with your marketing strategy to recruit the required number of volunteers with the required skills.
Our service is build to achieve your anticipated outcomes through an effective volunteer program. While the number of volunteers plays a role, it is secondary to the level of engagement your volunteers have and the impact this has on your customer experience.

For example you can have hundreds of disengaged volunteers versus fewer very engaged volunteers. The latter can still create a better customer experience with fewer people.

In our strategy & planning step we will work with you to determine volunteer roles, numbers and required outcomes and we will be alongside you for each step of the way of the implementation to ensure the numbers and engagement will achieve a successful event.

Within the Planning phase we will discuss with you what outcomes you’d like to achieve at your event or within your organisation. With this information and as part of the workforce planning we will review roles that are linked to the outcomes you want to achieve. We create a plan to recruit, engage, train and supervise volunteers. We can then implement the plans with you or for you.
Yes we can help with your recruitment, however we do not offer a recruitment only service. The reason is that if you have trouble with volunteer recruitment this often indicates one of the following problems:

  • Your vision is not communicated effectively
  • You are missing systems and processes
  • Your engagement is low

Solely increasing your recruitment effort if any of the above exists is a waste of your resources. In addition to this, recruiting people does not ensure they will be turning up or are productive. An integrated plan to manage people, including engagement, training and supervision is required.

We are committed to provide solutions for our clients and we don’t consider increasing your recruitment effort a solution, it is solely a quick fix, if that. 

We will discuss your organisational vision and goals and create plans for recruitment, communication, training and supervision. Within each of those plans there are tools to engage people with your organisation in a different way. That will ensure they are aligned with your vision and hence they will represent your organisation adequately
Our unique methodology continuously increases engagement of your teams, which will ensure that people turn up. Engaged people co-create with you to achieve your vision and they won’t let you down. 
We acknowledge the immense experience people have. However, we find many volunteer managers simply repeat what has been done before, because it sort of works. In addition the volunteer manager education available focusses on templates and checklists and it often provides only short term solutions.

We do not teach volunteer management but rather build the necessary skills to operate in an ever-changing environment and tackle the complex job of volunteer management more efficiently and effectively. We will help you create systems, processes and higher engagement. 

We will address your unique challenges instead of providing one size fits all solutions. We also provide a long term support system through coaching, rather than a one off workshop event. You will also be able to connect with other volunteer managers and support one another
Yes. Our coaching approach ensures that we can discuss everyone’s challenges and tackle them together. We will work with you and support you through implementing new systems and processes and whatever is needed. 

The term coaching typically refers to methods of helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve goals and to manage change and challenges. Coaching is a key trait of effective managers (read about this here).

While training is about transferring knowledge, coaching is about enhancing knowledge (or skills) development.

We offer small group coaching and one-on-one coaching, which allows you to get more valuable feedback and input from peers. Some people are a little uncomfortable with the group coaching at the start, however they will quickly see how effective it is. It has been proven that you achieve better outcomes from group work and from developing solutions within a group.