Our Vision is to see a world where organisations and people come together and create connections, raise funds, raise awareness around a cause, create unique experiences and create positive change in the world, through high impact events.


Our Mission is twofold:

  • To provide solutions which help organisations achieve their vision, and deliver events which have long-term positive impacts through well executed Volunteer Management programs.
  • To train as many Volunteer Managers as possible in the Eventeamwork Framework so that they can manage volunteers effectively and efficiently.


  • The most successful events are triple wins which benefit volunteers, stakeholders and the customers.
  • Strategy planning and attention to detail is paramount for successful outcomes.
  • We acknowledge people donating their time and energy to making events successful for all, and guarantee a great experience.
  • Outstanding experiences for patrons start with outstanding experiences of the event volunteers and staff.


Eventeamwork was co-founded in 2011 by Jana Wunderlich and Flavia Fontes after experiencing first-hand the struggle that many organisations had with their event volunteer programs. When Flavia accepted a unique opportunity to work on the Rio 2016 Olympics, Jana Wunderlich, took over the helm as Managing Director.

Jana Wunderlich, Managing Director

“I have been working with volunteers for many years and am passionate about people and creating outstanding experiences. The event industry heavily relies on volunteers, and often it is the volunteers on the ground who are the public face of the event for the patrons. 

The desire to create amazing event experiences that really stand out and create a competitive advantage, is often hampered by the reality of budget cuts.  Yet if the volunteer program is planned and managed in an effective and efficient way using a proven process, the goals of staging high impact events, raising the organisational profile and keeping within budget can definitely be achieved.

It gives me great joy when I see happy, motivated volunteers enthusiastically helping patrons at an event.  It elevates the total experience for the patrons; it eases pressure on the organisers’ staff, and the volunteer return rate for future events is much higher. 

Our Framework follows a five step process which ensures that volunteers are recruited, trained and managed in a way that keeps them engaged and aligned with event objectives.  We also plan operational requirements down to the last detail so that nothing unexpected arises and volunteers know exactly what to do and how to do it, and they do it with enthusiasm. 

But of course, planning and managing events effectively takes a whole team of committed and organised people.  I am hugely proud of the wonderful group of people we have at Eventeamwork who manage events with gusto and superb efficiency, and exude enthusiasm and passion in a delightful way that infects all those around them.”

Rebecca Marchal, Recruitment and Communication Specialist

With her marketing & communication background and 15 years experience in Europe and Australia, Rebecca is our recruitment and communication specialist.

Eternally optimistic, Rebecca always looks on the bright side and loves to communicate it to the world!

Considered as the Mama bear of the team, she always makes sure everyone is happy and gets the best experience.

In her free time, Rebecca keeps working hard on perfecting her communication, negotiation and project management skills with the toughest audience – Lily, 3 and Gabriel 5.

She would love to know how to do a handstand at yoga but instead she stays fit by playing hide and seek, building a cubby house and imitating the voice of a dragon or a distressed princess like nobody else.


In 2014 Eventeamwork were the proud winners of the Australian Event Awards in the category “Best Product or Service” after having been finalists in the same category in 2013. We are delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 Awards.


Our team has “walked the talk” as Event Managers and Volunteer Managers for many years, and personally experienced the challenges that come with this role.  What we have seen is that many volunteer programs fail because the Volunteer Program is often handled by inexperienced volunteer coordinators, and not strategically and operationally aligned or integrated within an organisation.

We have developed a unique Eventeamwork Framework that links the Volunteer Program to organisational objectives. This fundamental shift in the way volunteers are managed delivers positive outcomes for all stakeholders and ensures a successful event delivery. We have successfully used this framework to plan and manage more than 100 events.


Our clients work with us in two ways.

  1. Event Managers / Organisations: Engage us to devise a detailed strategic and operational plan for their Volunteer Program that is aligned with their organisational and event objectives. If required, we also implement and manage the plan to ensure a smooth event delivery, freeing up time for Event Managers to focus on the main event. Post event we provide a debrief and analysis service, with recommendations for future management of the Volunteer Program.
  2. Volunteer Managers and Co-ordinators: We provide workshops and coaching services to train, assist  and upskill Volunteer Managers in our unique Eventeamwork Framework, so that they can manage their volunteer program more effectively going forward.

We continue to work with some of Australia’s largest events, including Sydney New Year’s Eve, Australia Day, Sydney Festival, Jeans for Genes Day; and we also work with many smaller events and organisations who want to have a bigger impact for years to come.