Elevating Impact Academy

Are you a Non-Profit Leader passionate about serving more people and changing more lives but struggling to attract the right funding, the right people, and the right support to really grow your impact?

Do you constantly feel like you just don’t have enough time to focus on growing your organisation? You constantly get pulled into all different directions with no time left for yourself or things you should be focussing on. You even use more of your own time to try make up for this, but all that happens is that that time also gets taken over by all these other things…

You feel that if you just had some more time available, you could really focus on the strategic plans and getting more funding or more of the right people. But right now, these tasks seem to keep falling behind all of those urgent tasks that keep popping up. 

Or you feel that you know where you want to grow the organisation to, but again and again you find yourself spinning your wheels and not making significant progress because you just don’t have clarity on the path to get you there. 

It’s a common occurence in the Nonprofit world, and it means we are not serving our communities to the level we want. Unfortunately, this also gets ‘normalised’ by everyone else feeling the same way.

This is not normal, and there absolutely is a better way. 

The biggest mistake you can make is focussing on working harder and stretching organisational capacity. This is just wasted time and effort if you are not achieving the results you want, because how much ‘leaner’ can you really get?

The second mistake is to look at strategies BEFORE getting real clarity on your own value, your leadership and how that aligns with the organisation.

There is ONE fundamental element that impacts your fundraising, workforce retention, client satisfaction – the impact you make: YOUR aligned leadership – the best strategies cannot succeed until your leadership is fully aligned with your value. Similarly, if you don’t fully stand in your value, you won’t be able to communicate with influence. 

The problem is that most leadership programs don’t address this, leaving you and your organisations vulnerable; trying strategy after strategy without seeing massive changes to your impact, while at the same time you are slowly running yourself into the ground.

The solution is putting the focus on the human, the leader – on YOU first.

Our clients meet and exceed their KPIs, attract more support, and de-risk their operations without burning out from always doing more, even if they’ve tried numerous other strategies before.

What do we actually do in the program?

The Elevating Impact Program is an 8-Week leadership transformation, that helps you to fully own your value and communicate it powerfully to attract more support for your organisation, while also creating more freedom for yourself.

While we go through a specific process and also share some powerful strategies, the program focusses first and foremost on YOU as the leader.  You are creating your life and your organisational outcomes, no matter what, so let us help you create better outcomes for your organisation AND a better life! The truth is, it doesn’t have to be so damn hard…

This is an invite only program, because not everyone is ready. First we will have to determine if we can help you AND if you are committed to yourself and your dream. The key ingredient to get the outcomes you want is for you to show up for you. Nothing will change unless you are committed to yourself. 

We will determine all of that in an Exploration Call – we look at what exactly is in your way of you creating the impact and the life that you want. And if we are a fit to work together, we will share with you how that looks like on the call.

  1. The first best step is to chck out my FREE Masterclass “Elevating Impact – The 5 Steps to Stop Spinning your Wheels, Make your Efforts Count and Create a Bigger Impact”
    For more info and to register: https://watch.eventeamwork.com.au/s/ZVEF54
    This 45-minute Masterclass is a must watch for any nonprofit leader who wants to attract more support to create a bigger impact faster, and without running themselves into the ground.

  2. Ready to commit to yourself and ?
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The 3 Steps to Transformation

Your value is directly linked to your identity.

Your identity is anchored in your beliefs and past experiences, and it determines everything you do professionally and personally. After a deep dive into your current identity we help you transform what’s not working, so you can truly stand in your value.

This is not another strategy, it’s not just information to read, but it rather requires working on you. We guide you through this process within our coaching model.

This is not just knowing your value, but it is truly embodying your value. Only by honouring yourself, will you be able to attract more support and have stronger personal boundaries. 

Once we helped you create your new leadership identity, we will help you look at your messaging within your organisation. 

Messaging is often only looked at as a marketing exercise. However, as the leader of your organisation you need to own the messaging. ‘Corporate speak’ will only be so effective. We will help you create your messaging tree from your new leadership identity. As a result you will be able to communicate more powerfully with all your stakeholders, internally and externally.

This impacts your management of team, attracting more funding, and more of the right people, and really getting your message heard in your communities.

This piece is woven into the entire process, aiming at creating a new relationship with time, by creating stronger personal boundaries.

Once you developed your messaging tree, we will also help you create your own roadmap of getting things done, by identifying time wasters, prioritising and delegating more effectively.

The ultimate benefit is that you will experience so much more freedom around time, while actually being more productive