Are you looking to get started in the Event Management Industry? The best way to make your resume stand out in front of the rest is experience! We recommend the following steps to build up your experience and love for Event Management:

  1. Volunteer – join the volunteer team for any event in the role that you are most interested in! Do this as much as you can – even a 4 hour volunteer shift at a wide variety of events looks great on your resume.
  2. Volunteer as a runner – for most events we will recruit a ‘Runner’ volunteer position. This role is to be flexible and we will normally move this position and role around during the event depending on what is needed. Sometimes this position at an event might be more specific like Stage Assistant or Production.
  3. Take up a Team Leader position – once you have done some volunteering you might be interested to take the next step and become a Team Leader. Volunteer Team Leaders are responsible for one area of an event e.g. an Information Booth and their role is to sign in and look after the volunteers while making sure the area runs smoothly for the event. As a Team Leader you are usually required to attend additional training sessions or meetings.

Upcoming Team Leader positions – if interested in these please email with a description about what would make you a great Team Leader!
Remember to check back here for updated opportunities throughout the year.

  • currently no team leader positions available

Team Leader roles are a great way to dive a bit deeper into the world of events and become more involved with the event operations. It’s also a great way to  learn more about the event and make connections in the industry.