Has This Happened to You?

Volunteer Manager Training
  • VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT: You’re given the task to “organise volunteers” for your event or organisation, but you’re not sure where to find them, how they will register, or what exactly they’ll be doing on the day.
  • VOLUNTEER NO SHOWS: You successfully recruit the right number of volunteers, however some don’t turn up on the day leaving you short-handed.
  • VOLUNTEER ISSUES: You experience that some volunteers are not doing their tasks properly, and some you’re having trouble locating or communicating with.  You have hundreds of things you need to get done, and don’t need this stress.

If you find yourself nodding at any of these scenarios – you’re not alone, these are very real issues that can make a Volunteer Manager’s job stressful and seriously impact the success of an event or organisation.

How to Ensure These Problems Don’t Happen Again

Volunteer management is a complex job and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Having worked in volunteer management for large-scale events for many years, we fully understand the challenges volunteer managers face, and we have the solutions.

We have developed systems, processes and procedures that assist volunteer managers to

  • Run effective volunteer engagement strategies
  • Improve efficiency using proven systems and automation
  • Deliver events that give guests and volunteers the right memorable experience, and achieve organisational objectives

Volunteer Manager Training and Support

Volunteer Manager Transformation Workshops

Volunteer Manager Training

We run half day workshops on each topic listed below, or full day workshops that include all these topics.

  • Volunteer Program Planning
  • Attracting & Motivating Volunteers
  • Volunteer Training

Workshops suit groups of 6-15 people and are tailored to suit group needs.

Post workshop, participants are invited to join our private Facebook Community of Volunteer Managers for ongoing support. We’ve built up a wonderful community where members swap tips, ideas and help each other out.

We’ve run many of these workshops for government and Not for Profit organisations.  Feedback from participants is that they find them extremely helpful and come away with the knowledge and tools they need to better manage their volunteer programs.

If you’d like to organise a Workshop for your organisation, or find out more about upcoming workshops, please call 02 8188 1946 or send your enquiry below.

Volunteer Management Coaching & Community

Volunteer Manager Training

It can be hard to tackle a problem on your own. You might be running into the same problems over and over again, constantly fighting fires, knowing that you need to make changes, but not sure exactly how.If you’re at that stage and you need help from someone who is very experienced, then our one-on-one coaching is the right solution, particularly if you need help now.

We will review your current challenges, devise an action plan together, and even help you with implementation if you need it. Our goal is to give you all the knowledge and tools you need to ensure you manage volunteers in a proactive and confident way.

Following on from the coaching we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. You will be invited to join our private Facebook Community of Volunteer Managers, where we all help each other out with tips, encouragement and the latest event news.

It’s the perfect solution for a Volunteer Manager ready to make improvements and achieve more than ever in less time.

Like to know more?  Please call 02 8188 1946 or send your enquiry below.

“The Volunteer Management Strategies training workshop was such a valuable 1 day course. It was a great opportunity to learn from the experience of an industry expert, as well as share ways of working, challenges, and triumphs with other volunteers’ coordinators. With a small group in the workshop, the day was tailored to the group’s needs and there was plenty of opportunity for discussion, ideas sharing, and brainstorming solutions to specific challenges we faced. There were so many takeaways – particularly new perspectives on common challenges, new or different ways of working, and fresh ideas. All content was relevant, relatable, and directly applicable to my work. I would definitely recommend taking this workshop as you’ll come away with a clear head and an energy to make positive change in your volunteers’ experience within your organisation.” Chloe Oastler, Events Volunteering Officer – Oxfam Trailwalker

“Thank you for your coaching session the other week – it was very useful and inspiring – a great way to connect without others in a different way.” Kate ValenteVolunteer Coordinator Officer Willoughby City Council

“Many thanks for conducting the coaching session. I personally gained a lot from it and I am sure others did too.” Mal Brown – Kaddy Disability Transport

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