Event Volunteer Management

Engaging volunteers at events will have a significant impact on event success, if your Volunteer Program aligns with your organisational vision and is planned and managed effectively.

Event Volunteer Management
Event Volunteer Management
Event Volunteer Management
Event Volunteer Management

Eventeamwork’s innovative approach to Volunteer Management draws on years of experience in managing volunteer programs for over 100 events, including public events, community festivals, conferences, fundraising events and sporting events.

Common Issues Faced by Event Organisers

  • Lack of defined volunteer program strategy and plan
  • High turnover of volunteer coordinators, resulting in time and money wasted on recruitment, training and supervision.
  • Inexperienced volunteer coordinators can have a negative impact on the event.
  • Event Managers don’t have the time to spend on effective volunteer management, and as a result struggle finding enough volunteers.

How We Help Event Organisers

In essence, we plan and manage Volunteer Programs for Event Organisers, so they can get on with organising and delivering the event.

We have developed a unique 5-step Eventeamwork Framework which overcomes common challenges, and achieves desired outcomes such as increased customer satisfaction, increased awareness, operational efficiencies and removal of pressure on key staff.

Our results

  • Consistent volunteer show up rates 85-95% (industry averages: 60-70%)
  • Volunteer retention 30-40% (industry averages: 20-30%)
  • Improved customer feedback
  • Increased awareness of cause/ brand
  • Saving time and money long-term by successfully retaining volunteers
  • Growth of the event and volunteer program by creating operational efficiencies
  • Less Pressure on key staff
With so many working parts involved in the Jeans for Genes campaign, Eventeamwork provided me invaluable peace of mind that our locations and volunteer program were in the safest of hands. If the team can handle the myriad of challenges we threw at them and still over-deliver, they can deal with any event be it big or small. 

Barry Kenyon – Jeans for Genes Day

Event Volunteer Management Services

Event organisers who engage Eventeamwork understand the value their volunteers can bring to their event and organisations when managed effectively. Our Event Volunteer Management Services help organisations stand out and have a competitive advantage, which aids sustainability.

Using our unique Eventeamwork Framework, we provide a complete Volunteer Management Solution that focuses on delivering organisational and event outcomes.

1.  Event Volunteer Strategy & Plan

Event Volunteer Management

  • Assess your current volunteer program
  • Develop a plan that is aligned with your organisational vision and objectives
  • Prepare a strategy and action plan to implement your volunteer program and achieve your objectives

2. Event Plan Implementation

We implement the strategy and action plan so you don’t have to – it will be all taken care of.

  • Volunteer recruitment and communication
  • Volunteer training
  • Logistical planning
  • On site management of volunteers during the event

3. Post Event Debrief

After your event, we conduct an in depth debrief to review event issues and outcomes, and to provide recommendations for managing your Volunteer Program going forward.  Our clients find this invaluable for future volunteer management and event planning.

Eventeamwork Framework

We have developed a holistic approach using proven systems and processes, designed to overcome the typical challenges that Event Managers face with volunteer management. Our Framework is structured around five key principles, that when applied to any size organisation or event, guarantee to achieve better event outcomes.


The key to implementing a volunteer program successfully is to ensure it is an integral, integrated and supported part of the organisation.  We analyse the current program and provide recommendations.


We assist organisations to be attractive to the volunteer market they want to attract. Our recruitment process includes strategies to attract and engage, and tools to effectively manage data and information flow.


We structure a communication plan to keep volunteers engaged leading up to the event.  We collaborate and prepare a series of messages, answer FAQs and deliver via the most appropriate channels.


We prepare volunteers for the event by delivering relevant training and sharing information and tools to aid logistical organisation and management prior to, during and at event close.


Empowering volunteers to perform meaningful tasks improves involvement and enhances enjoyment. We create a balanced environment of guidance, and supervision that is built on respect, compassion and understanding of their motivations.

Bicycle NSW runs major mass participation cycling events and depending on the event we require up to 300 volunteers on event day.  ETK have been able to fulfill our volunteering needs and have managed the large group exceptionally well from registration all the way to event day. Their on the day support and management is excellent, providing 4 senior staff to manage the volunteers on the day.  Their reporting, communication and general enthusiasm for the job is first class and i would be very happy to recommend them to any event provider looking to outsource their volunteering needs.

Tony Henderson,  Portfolio Director – Events, Bicycle NSW

Eventeamwork were repeatedly mentioned in debriefs from Festival managers this year as to why the festival was such a success, and I wholeheartedly agree. The teams extensive experience with Peats Ridge and other events, gave them real insight into what each department needed. Fantastic organization and support of volunteers ensured that everyone had an excellent experience on site and has provided an extensive database of volunteers which the festival can call on again. The perfect mixture of experience, professionalism and smiles – priceless! I wouldn’t want to do a festival without them.

Rachael Stewart – Digital Media & Partnerships Manager – Peats Ridge

If you have a project coming up and would like to discuss how you can leverage your volunteer program to make it a momentous event, please call 02 8188 1946 or send your enquiry below.

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