Thank YOU – you guys have been amazing – such a pleasure to work with and always smiling.  So very glad we made the call to go with you this year!

Jill Colvin,  Head of Marketing, Communications & Digital Strategy  Sydney Festival 2013

 Jeans for Genes Day is a national single-day event held at multiple public locations, involving the recruitment and management of over 1,000 volunteers. Facing a complex brief, Eventeamwork set about creating a collaborative strategy with us that drew on their full skill-set to deliver an efficient and effective solution to each of the unique challenges our event presents. What impressed me the most about Eventeamwork was their forward thinking and superior project management including the development of contingency plans for situations we may not have considered ourselves.

With so many working parts involved in the Jeans for Genes campaign, Eventeamwork provided me invaluable peace of mind that our locations and volunteer program were in the safest of hands. If the team can handle the myriad of challenges we threw at them and still over-deliver, they can deal with any event be it big or small.

Barry Kenyon, National Campaign Manager – Jeans for Genes Day

 Eventeamwork has been the Bicycle NSW volunteer managers for about a year now, but i have work with Jana, Flavia and Helen both in an official capacity (as an event director) and as a volunteer over the past few years and i have been very happy with their work. In fact i found them through my own personal volunteering where i was able to experience their volunteer management skills first hand.

Bicycle NSW runs major mass participation cycling events and depending on the event we require up to 300 volunteers on event day.

ETK have been able to fulfill our volunteering needs and have managed the large group exceptionally well from registration all the way to event day.

They have a comprehensive volunteer recruitment and registration system and over the years managed to create a very large database of volunteers in NSW.

Their on the day support and management is excellent, with event team work providing 4 senior staff to manage the volunteers on the day.

Their reporting, communication and general enthusiasm for the job is first class and i would be very happy to recommend them to any event provider looking to outsource their volunteering needs.

Tony Henderson,  Portfolio Director – Events, Bicycle NSW

 AGB Events recently contracted Eventeamwork to provide volunteers for The Kids Crazy Island Tea Party event held over the last three weekends in October 2011 on Goat Island. A free public event of this size and duration required approximately 80 volunteers – no small ask! We attribute the success of this event to the well organised, expertly managed and extremely happy and helpful volunteers. We, along with the audiences, were extremely impressed with the level of expertise that the volunteers carried out their duties – every volunteer was an absolute delight to work with as were Flavia and Jana who managed all briefings, training, logistics and inductions. . We look forward to working with Eventeamwork in the future and highly recommend this unique company to all event deliverers.

Anthony Bastic – Director – AGB Events

 At the eleventh hour, Eventeamwork sponsored their time and crew of volunteers to handle ticketing and patron management for the Adventure Film Festival in Sydney. Knowing their individual track record in the past, I was completely confident that this part, at least, was a set and forget scenario. Feedback from patrons for the event have been extremely positive, in no small part to Eventeamwork’s hands-on approach to making sure all aspects of their responsibility, and more, were being attended to. Their desire for a fantastic event, whatever part they play, is their priority. I could not have asked for anyone better who would hit the ground running with no fear of error. I could not recommend their work enough.

Frederick Malouf, Producer – Adventure Film Festival Sydney

 Eventeamwork were repeatedly mentioned in debriefs from Festival managers this year as to why the festival was such a success, and I wholeheartedly agree. The teams extensive experience with Peats Ridge and other events, gave them real insight into what each department needed. Fantastic organization and support of volunteers ensured that everyone had an excellent experience on site and has provided an extensive database of volunteers which the festival can call on again. The perfect mixture of experience, professionalism and smiles – priceless! I wouldn’t want to do a festival without them.

Rachael Stewart – Digital Media & Partnerships Manager – Peats Ridge 2011

 Volunteers are a vital resource to Peats Ridge and we have literally hundreds of them at the Festival, working across a huge range of both skilled and unskilled works. Jana and Flavia at Eventeamwork have done a supreme job of managing this monumental task with dedication, passion and a 100% commitment to getting the best result for everyone involved. From our Managers point of view, they worked hard to extract the information required in order to assemble the workforce of Vollies required to get the jobs done. On site, they managed communications with all parties and structured rosters, team leaders and ad hoc requests in such a way that we simply did not have to worry. We consider the input of Eventeamwork to be one of the strengths of the Festival and a contributing factor to the success of Peats Ridge. We had great Volunteers in 2011, thanks to great management from Eventeamwork and we look forward to continuing this relationship both at Peats and other Festival events in the future.

Luke Smith – General Manager – Peats Ridge 2011