Building Community

People have a huge impact on events and organisations and we are passionate about re-focusing on the people and harnessing their impact on community, events and organisations.

We believe in the power of community and work with clients to strengthen their community engagement as a core value of their organisation to support the volunteer program.

We value the contribution people make and respect and support them to achieve their individual outcomes.

We are offering people a way to connect and engage while volunteering as well as through regular social gatherings. We understand what motivates people to get involved – and the result is a team excited by the prospect of working with you.

“Eventeamwork stepped into our lives and simplified our participation as volunteers. Their regular updated calendar of events showing dates, venues, roles etc together with numbers of volunteers required is invaluable. This is coupled with great pre-event training (both formal and informal) and we as volunteers are asked for comment on the recently completed event and ALL comments are taken on board and considered.”

“The way Eventeamwork is set up allows its principals to know individual volunteers and for individual volunteers to know them. It is necessary for volunteers to be matched to a role within their physical capacity and an ongoing relationship allows that. In short, the Eventeamwork “model” is friendly, inclusive and efficient.  It has led to the development of a multi talented community of volunteers who enjoy turning out for virtually whatever event is on offer.”

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