Frequently Asked Questions

We will have a strategic planning meeting with you and identify your organisational goals and anticipated event outcomes. With this information and as part of the volunteer program strategy & planning we will determine the volunteer roles to support your organisation and achieve these objectives. The volunteer roles and your general target market will determine where we will focus the volunteer recruitment, which interest groups will be relevant and how we can work with your marketing strategy to recruit the required number of volunteers with the required skills.
Our service is build to achieve your anticipated outcomes through an effective volunteer program. While the number of volunteers plays a role, it is secondary to the level of engagement your volunteers have and the impact this has on your customer experience.

For example you can have hundreds of disengaged volunteers versus fewer very engaged volunteers. The latter can still create a better customer experience with fewer people.

In our strategy & planning step we will work with you to determine volunteer roles, numbers and required outcomes and we will be alongside you for each step of the way of the implementation to ensure the numbers and engagement will achieve a successful event.

Within the Strategy & Planning step of our service we will discuss with you what service, look and outcomes you’d like to achieve at your event, for example, specific directions, specific information, specific crowd flow, specific approach to customer service. With this information and as part of the volunteer program planning we will create volunteer roles that will achieve those outcomes but are meaningful to volunteers and create a plan to recruit, engage, train and supervise volunteers. In our Gold service we will then implement this plan for you to ensure the outcomes are achieved.
Yes we can help with your recruitment, however we do not offer a recruitment only service. The reason is that if you have trouble with volunteer recruitment this often indicates one of the following problems:

  • Your organisational culture
  • Your visibility
  • Your volunteer roles

Solely increasing your recruitment effort if any of the above exists is a waste of your resources. In addition to this, recruiting volunteers does not ensure they will be turning up. An integrated plan to manage volunteers, including engagement, training and onsite management is required.

We are committed to provide solutions for our clients and we don’t consider increasing your recruitment effort a solution, it is solely a quick fix.

We would be very happy to discuss your situation and challenges in a FREE 1 hour strategy meeting. We will provide you with a brief analysis with recommendation of how to solve your recruitment problem.

During our Strategy & Planning step we will discuss your organisational vision and goals and within our implementation phase we will collect further information about your organisation’s history and background. This will be integrated into the volunteer training program to ensure volunteers are prepared to answer relevant questions about the organisation and represent your organisation appropriately.
We prepare an engagement and communications plan specific to your event and volunteer workforce. An effective engagement and communication plan will keep volunteers informed and feeling valuable. It will also allow your organisation to build a connection with your volunteers and create a relationship as well as build teams. Volunteers who are engaged with your organisation and feel that they are valued will not easily let you down by missing their shift.

Within our Gold service we will also implement the engagement and communication plan for you.

We acknowledge the immense experience participants are bringing to our workshops. We will therefore not teach volunteer management but rather build skills to be able to operate in an ever-changing environment and tackle the complex job of volunteer management more efficiently and effectively.

We find that volunteer managers often don’t have time to work on their strategy and planning and think through different solutions, and that they feel a little isolated in their role. Participants will be able to develop strategies that will assist with their day-to-day practices and save valuable time to focus on what is important.

The workshop also provides opportunities to network with other volunteer managers and build connections across organisations.

You will walk away with a new view on your role within your organisation and inspired with new ideas to implement and address your current challenges.

You will have a simple process that you can follow from here on to work on future challenges.

We will support you in finding your own solutions. Every organisation has a different vision. We will work with you to identify outcomes for your organisation and volunteer program and then reverse-engineer your approach to planning recruitment, engagement, training and onsite management.

The term coaching typically refers to methods of helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve goals and to manage change and challenges. Coaching is a key trait of effective managers (read about this here).

While training is about transferring knowledge, coaching is about enhancing knowledge (or skills) development.

In some instances   we of small group coaching, which allows you to get more valuable feedback and input from peers. It is proven that you achieve better outcomes from group work and from developing solutions yourself or within a group.