About Us

What we do

Eventeamwork helps event and volunteer managers create outstanding customer service experiences for event patrons through smart management of volunteers.

We help our clients to plan and implement volunteer programs for large-scale public and community events following a proven 5-step method that guarantees our clients are saving time and money in the long-term while creating exceptional experiences for event patrons. We work with our clients at each step of the event process from the planning phase until event delivery to integrate the volunteer program fully into the organisation.

Why we exist

Co-founded in 2011 by Jana Wunderlich and Flavia Fontes after they experienced first hand how event managers struggled with volunteer recruitment and engagement. The industry still sees a high turnover in volunteer managers, which means valuable expertise is not retained in organisations. Hence organisations struggle to implement effective volunteer programs that positively impact the bottom line and the visitor experience.

Jana Wunderlich, Managing Director of Eventeamwork is at the helm of the company since 2013, when Flavia accepted a unique opportunity to work on the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Jana is passionate about people and creating experiences. There is an ever-increasing need to stage bigger and better events and Jana believes putting more focus on the volunteer workforce is required in order to create engaging and successful events.  This important shift towards the workforce to achieve the intended outcomes will help organisations stand out and have a competitive advantage to be sustainable.

Our point of difference

Inexperienced volunteer coordinators solely focus on volunteer recruitment and increase the “sales” effort to find more volunteers. With this they ignore the underlying problem for not finding enough or the right volunteers and apply a quick fix. This way of operating costs organisations time and money year after year and has none or even a negative impact on the event outcomes.

Eventeamwork’s unique process links the volunteer program to the outcomes of the organisation. This fundamental shift creates positive outcomes for all stakeholders and ensures a successful event delivery.

Why organisations work with us

Our team has worked as Event Managers and Volunteer Managers and personally experienced the challenges that come with this role. Hence we developed a framework to assist Event and Volunteer Managers to plan and implement a volunteer program that guarantees positive outcomes. We have ourselves successfully used this framework on more than 100 events.

Our clients work with us because they understand the value their volunteers can bring to their events and organisations when managed effectively. Our clients achieved a consistent positive visitor experience, effective operations and peace of mind to concentrate on other tasks to ensure a smooth event delivery.

We are working with some of Australia’s largest events such as Sydney New Year’s Eve, Australia Day, Sydney Festival Jeans for Genes Day, and we also worked with many smaller events and organisations, who wanted to have a bigger impact over the years.

In 2014 Eventeamwork were proud winners of the Australian Event Awards in the category “Best Product or Service” after having been finalists in the same category in 2013.

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