About Us

Australian Event Awards 2011

Eventeamwork was founded in 2011 and is the brainchild of Flavia Fontes and Jana Wunderlich, who have over 25 years experience in the events industry.

Having worked in the event industry for several years as Event Managers and being often involved in the crew and volunteer management, we recognised the need for a more consistent approach to volunteer management.

The lack of resources allocated and expertise available for volunteer management often leads to a high staff turnover, a dissatisfaction of volunteers and ultimately to organisations and events not achieving the anticipated outcomes.

We founded Eventeamwork to offer a new approach to volunteer management and to provide a long-term solution for organisations, eliminating the need to engage and train a new volunteer coordinator year after year. We also wanted to build a platform for volunteers where people can sign up for different opportunities and find different ways to connect to other like minded people.

With our experience in event management across major public and community events and our understanding of the volunteer community and their importance for the success of events – we have have helped events such as Sydney NYE, Sydney Festival and Vivid Sydney build and grow their volunteer programs over the past years. We are proud of our track record in delivering successful programs, achieving outstanding results for event organisers and volunteers alike.

Over the years we have build extensive expertise in volunteer recruitment, engagement, training and onsite management and can provide proven systems, processes and procedures to our clients to achieve successful events an organisations.

We believe that people have a huge impact on events’ and organisations’ success. Understanding the power of communities, we work with our clients to provide an organisational culture that harnesses the volunteer spirit and creates successful events and thriving organisations.

We also believe Volunteer Management doesn’t have to be hard and is a lot of fun!

Flavia is currently working as General Manager, Volunteers, Shared Services & Systems at the Organizing Committee Rio 2016 to implement the largest event volunteer program in the world.

Jana has worked with our clients in Australia to continue improving their volunteer programs. She is also offering practical workshops for volunteer managers and CEOs to provide strategies and a useful toolkit for implementing successful volunteer programs.

Our vision is to help more events and organisations in Australia and globally grow by leveraging their volunteer program.

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